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Retained Assignments

Paying an upfront engagement fee ensures there is commitment to fill your vacancy from both sides. There is a myth Retained search is more expensive than contingent, however, with Sympraxi we are able to offer you a lower % for this approach.  The initial engagement fee is dedicated from your invoice and both sides are equally committed to a successful outcome.

Exclusive Engagement

This approach also works well when you are looking for candidates for multiple roles. It allows you to keep each agency engaged and focused on the role they are working on. It also helps with recruiter fatigue, getting overwhelmed with multiple resumes from multiple sources and protects your brand in the market, with only one agency managing your message. With this approach you have a streamlined and time-effective process that also saves you money!

Contingent (non exclusive) Hiring

This is a more expensive way of hiring as it is a more competitive process and a fee is only paid on successful placement. There is less control and rigour over the process as the manager is dealing with multiple agencies who are all assuming a higher risk of not being paid for the work performed.

Contracting recruitment

We provide a first rate contracting solution for those times when you don’t have or need a permanent headcount but require to scale up the team for a period of time or for a specific project. As speed to onboard in these instances is often paramount, we have a 24-48 hour turnaround time to provide a shortlist of candidates for your review and work toward a 7 – 14 day turnaround from initial brief to offer and contract out.


Time and Materials contracts are where we provide workers to achieve an agreed deliverable for a fixed price that is broken into periodic payments. We provide a rate card outlining how much will be charged for each team member for a specific period of time. We clearly lay out the project’s purpose and resources that will be provided. This is a flexible way to scale up and down, especially when niche or specific skills do not exist already in the team or you need multiple resources.

Market Trends Presentations

We understand that recruitment or job searching is sporadic for many and only takes up a small percentage of your time. Cultural and socioeconomic factors are impacting the recruitment industry more prominently than ever and have a direct and powerful impact on availability of talent and salary trends. We are talking to candidates and clients every day and have our finger on the pulse of market conditions, providing real time data more accurate many written reports which are often out of date as soon as they are written!


Sympraxi always see the problem clearly and suggest courses of action I had not considered. They are always at the top of my (short) list of professional recruitment consultants.

Terry Thornton, Program Director - Fintech Startup


Martha at Sympraxi is someone who will strive to find the perfect match between client and candidate and her level of care and service is unrivalled.

RL, Program Manager Divestments - Retail Bank



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